Bachelor Programs

B.Sc. (Bachelor in Science) 
(a 4 year program)

B.Sc . is a four year program equipping graduates with the necessary credentials for pursuing research and development in the field of applied science. The curricula, designed by TU, foster strong theoretical and practical knowledge in fundamental or natural science including Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. Keeping its invaluable scope in mind, Canvas College is introducing a Bachelor Program in natural science to produce versatile manpower to build the nation. In addition to the mutual exchange and sharing of ideas between teachers and students, teaching methods such as power point presentation, group work and project work are applied effectively.

While the program consists of number of compulsory courses, students have the option to specialize in specific areas of study.


Unlike the other area of study, Humanities (BA) is multidisciplinary and open-ended program.

Bachelor in Arts /3 year Program:
This program covers Literature, Language, Social work, History, Philosophy, and other subjects in humanities. It encompasses a broad area of the study at par with study areas offered by various universities across the globe. Unlike the other area of studies, Humanities (BA) is multidisciplinary and open ended program.

10+2 , PCL or equivalent with minimum second division.

BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
(a 4 BBS year Program)

BBS is a multi – disciplinary, broad –based and result – oriented program which develops students using a curriculum designed by TU. It provides strong theoretical understanding while developing usable skills within a broad spectrum of business problems. While the program consists of a number of compulsory courses, students have the options to specialize in specific areas of study. The teaching activities comprise lectures, group work, field trips and projects. All of these encourage the exchange of ideas and mutual learning.

Areas of Specialization

  • General Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Management Science


First Year:
Business English
Micro Economics
Business Statistics
Principles of Management
Accounting for Financial analysis

Second Year:
Business Communication
Macro Economics
Cost and Management Accounting
Fundamental of Marketing
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Third Year:
Business Environment and Strategy
Fundamental of Financial Management
Business law
Taxation and Auditing
Organizational behavior

Fourth Year:
Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development
Concentration I
Concentration II
Concentration III
Business Research Methods
Final Projects

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