Unlike the other area of study, Humanities (BA) is multidisciplinary and open-ended program.


Bachelors of Social Works (BSW) is a four year programme equipping our graduates with the necessary credentials for pursuing research and development of the society, its culture and social conflicts covering the philosophical view of the society. It is a multi-disciplinary and open-ended programme.

Subjects offered in BSW

S.N. First Year Second Year
1 Compulsory English Basic Psychology for Social Work
2 Basic Sociology for Social Work Social Case Work Practice
3 Reading Writing and Thinking Social Work Practice with Groups
4 Introduction to Social Work
5 The History of English Literature and Criticism
S. N. Third Year Fourth Year
1 Social Issues and Leadership Development - 1 Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work
2 Social Issues and Leadership Development - 2 Social Problem, Identification and Interventions

Note: The Course in the third year and fourth year are proposed. The title of these courses can be changed while developing details contents later.

Eligibility for Admission
10+2, PCL or equivalent with minimum second division

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