+2 (Law)

S.N. Grade XI (New Course) Grade XII (Old Course)
1 Com. Nepali Compulsory English
2 Com. English Human Rights
3 Com. Social Studies Legal Drafting
4 Jurisprudence and Legal Theories Any Three Procedural Law
5 Procedural Law Civil Law and Justice
6 Constitutional Law Criminal Law and Justice
7 General Law

Eligibility for Admission
Science Humanities
Subject Grades *C+ in Science & Maths
* D+ in Other Subjects
* D+ in Nepali, English & Social Studies

Management Law
Subject Grades * D+ in Science, Maths, Nepali, English & Social Studies * D + in Nepali, English & Social Studies

Scholarship Scheme
The scholarship scheme of Canvas is as follows :
i)      100% scholarship in both annual and tuition fees for GPA 4 holders
ii)     100% scholarship to Canvas Entrance Topper
iii)    100% scholarship in admission and 50% in tuition fees for Grade A + holders
iv)    50% scholarship in admission and 30% in tuition fees for Grade A holders
v)      The college will provide scholarships to the deserving and needy students following the policy and decision of NEB, MOE.

Note : The fees for enrollment and board examination payable to NEB, Nepal must be paid by the students themselves.

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