Why to choose canvas?

  • There are mushrooming educational institutions all around us. Have all of them provided genuine education? It's a crucial question to all of us. Here's Canvas College to address your academic aspiration. Following are the reasons for "Why Canvas as your best choice?"
    i)        It is run by a team of efficient and committed professionals,                     academicians and entrepreneurs.
    ii)       It has competent, experienced and committed faculties.
    iii)      It has well-furnished classrooms, enough play-ground and                         peaceful environment.
    iv)      It uses innovative methods and techniques of teaching and                        learning.
    v)       It has well-equipped modern science and computer labs with                     unlimited internet facility.
    vi)       It has the provision of regular assessment and evaluation of                     students.
    vii)      It manages remedial classes for weak students.
    viii)     It has affordable fee structure.
    ix)       It has spacious library with sufficient texts, learning materials                 and unlimited internet facility.
    x)        It has special provision of indoor and outdoor games and sports               with well-trained coach.
    xi)       It has provisions of excursions and field trips, industrial visits,                 etc. for practical learning.
    xii)      It has the provision of various scholarship schemes for deserving             and needy students.
    xiii)     It has comfortable transport facility for the students.
    xiv)     There's a provision of hygienic cafeteria and regular nursing                    services.
    xv)      It has managed advanced level separate girls' and boys' hostels.
    xvi)     There's a provision of educational and career counseling by                      experts.
    xvii)    There's a provision of trainings, work-shops and interactions on                the relevant faculties/subjects.
    xviii) There's a programme of guest lectures by professors from Nepal               and abroad.
    xix)     It has initiated 'Students Exchange Programme' with foreign                     universities.
    xx)      It manages internship and job placement after completing a                     certain course.
    xxi)     It provides opportunities for research work at national and                        international level.


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