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Message from MD 

Dear Students / Parents! 
This is the age of global unity and co-operation for peace and prosperity. I feel education is the source and inspiration of worldwide unity, co-operation and prosperity. We, the Canvasians and I myself, as the Managing Director, are here to impart education to you to develop your expertise at the best level on one hand and feelings of social responsibility on the other. For this, we explore your full potential, expand the horizon of your knowledge and make your ambitions come true. In this very context, I'm delighted to welcome you to Canvas International College for pursuing your academic aspiration. 

Dear Students ! 
With the globalization of the society and rapid development of information technology, the world has become more complex and challenging. At the same time, doors are opened for lots of opportunities as we visualize every student with her/his creative potential to march ahead. We are well-equipped with efficient professionals, dedicated academicians, technology-based learning materials, favourable learning environment and variety of games and sports to make you intact and capable of grabbing the opportunities. Moreover, we manage national and international level of interactions and workshops in the relevant faculties/subjects and initiate 'Educational Partnership Programme', especially to you. We take care of yours and build up your educational and social personalities at the best you deserve at a moderate pay. Do come with us for genuine education that makes you competent, genius and professional in the future bearing social character. You are, once again, welcome to Canvas International College. 
With Best Regards !
Thank you very much !

Sundar Bhusal
Managing Director

Message from Principal  

Dear Prospective Students / Parents ! 

Education is the source of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is gained by learning and wisdom, by experience. Hence, education provides knowledge to study, understand and interpret the world and wisdom, to alter it toward unity, peace and prosperity. We have lots of academic institutions today all around us. Choosing a better one is a crucial question to all of us today. 

We believe education explores one's potential and guides ahead for achieving academic aspiration, developing career and building leadership character. It develops expertise and skill in various areas that helps one's professional development on one side and social involvement on the other. With this fact, we have managed Canvas International College as one of the leading colleges at national as well as global level. We do have a sheer faith that Canvas can be the best platform to prepare expert  citizens equipped with global values and ethos.

Dear Students ! 
It is my pleasure to welcome you in Canvas International College for your higher education. As our motto "Integrated Efforts for Academic Excellence", we manage your time at Canvas to equip you with a wide portfolio of knowledge and wisdom so that you can develop expertise at the highest level and the leadership quality at the best fitted to the society. 

The world now has become more complex and competitive due to the globalization as the result of rapid development of information technology, business and transport connectivity and so on. We explore your potential, enhance strength and educate you by all the means, to win the ever growing competition. We make you capable of confidently tackling everything throughout the life and hope you will cooperate us as your best. 

Dear Youngsters ! 
We teach curriculum as the main academic activity to attain your academic aspiration and co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities to foster your mental and physical strength, confidence and positive attitude that eventually develop your all round personality. Though we are within organized system, we regard you as our own children and provide parental love and affection by motivational disciplinary measures. We really feel proud of you and your achievement. 

With Best Regards !
Thank you very much ! 

Bharat Prasad Sharma

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